Investment Policy Statement

The WDS Investment Policy Statement is the blueprint for managing your portfolio and covers all seven Investment Portfolio Guidelines. The investment policy statement reflects the portfolio most suited to your client profile and its target asset allocations.

Investment Portfolio Guidelines

  • Investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Time horizon
  • Income requirements
  • Liquidity needs
  • Tax issues
  • Legal and estate considerations
  • Unique circumstances

Your policy is reviewed periodically with your wealth manager to ensure it reflects any significant changes in your life, your financial situation, long-term investment objectives and personal risk tolerance. However, WDS respects the well-established principle of strategic asset allocation. We avoid random revisions based on fear or overconfidence.

In wealth creation, your ultimate success lies in developing a long-term investment policy with the disciple to stick with it over time.


Monitoring and Re-evaluating

Investing follows a complex, dynamic cycle. WDS wealth managers actively monitor, re-assess and re-balance clients’ portfolios to maintain their target asset allocations in the most optimal way possible.

Decision-making regarding individual securities rests with WDS and covers which securities to invest in and when to buy and sell them. WDS has an obligation to assess whether a particular security is suitable for your account.

Accurate account administration is paramount and fair practices are sacrosanct. The WDS Fairness Policy sets high standards to ensure that eligible investment opportunities are shared equally among all of our clients.


Investment Management Process

Responsible investment management relies on ever-changing information, such as a client’s new circumstances and market conditions.