Investors need to be confident in the resources and reputation of the firm they deal with. They also want to know, in advance, the strategies their wealth manager practices and believes in.

At WDS, we aim to provide our clients with long-term investment performance that meets or exceeds their requirements without assuming unnecessary risk in their portfolio.

Investment Style
Value and discipline

Buy and sell transactions are determined by long-term fundamentals rather than short-term market moves.  With stocks, we use a consistent, disciplined and patient evaluation process that compares the market price of public companies against their long-term intrinsic value.

We carefully invest in quality securities that may be out of favour and trading at either low-relative or absolute valuations. This disciplined selection allows us to capture significant upside returns while also attempting to minimize the downside risk.

Our value-oriented approach to investing avoids chasing any sectors, stocks or markets that may do permanent harm to clients’ portfolios. With time this disciplined and patient approach has proven to yield superior results.

Managing Portfolio
Professional knowledge, competent advice

Solid investment strategies begin with having a firm grasp of facts and trends that drive the pricing of securities. WDS wealth managers are highly trained with reputable credentials and years of practical experience. Our qualifications and experience are your best assurance that we truly understand the complexities of valuing individual securities across a broad range of asset classes.

WDS wealth managers work hard to collect, analyze, interpret and apply the information we find in the financial landscape for our clients. We make investment decisions after independent, bottom-up research and analysis of relevant information from a variety of third-party sources, backed by our experience and judgment.

Our approach involves a blend of individual and collective knowledge in a team-based environment. This allows us to leverage our combined skills, know-how and practical experience to give all our clients the benefit of proven investment principles.

Managing Risk
Successful strategies, winning solutions

Proper diversification is a core strategy that WDS uses to manage risk and deliver intended results for our clients.

Successful investing depends upon balancing the basic risk-reward relationship. WDS builds properly diversified portfolios using different asset classes - cash, fixed income, income equities and growth equities. Accordingly, we build portfolios based on a multi-asset class approach.

Over time, we achieve an attractive rate of return on your money at a risk level that you can tolerate.

Maximize the gains, reduce the risk

Asset class diversity is carefully analyzed to help determine the risk and return attributes of our clients’ portfolios. WDS invests a careful mix of your assets in quality securities with broad exposure in major capital markets.

We provide market exposure by country, as well as by covering different industry sectors of the economy.  For safety we limit the percentage of assets our clients have invested in any single security.

“Focusing first on our clients’ needs while recognizing that they are just as important as the portfolio management process is essential to relationship building. Meeting clients’ expectations is our daily goal – and reward.” – Kathy

Borrowing to invest is a risky business

WDS does not recommend that clients borrow money to invest, as this course of action involves greater risk.  Borrowing (called financial leverage) magnifies the highs and lows of the stock market’s movement.  A sudden decrease in the value of the portfolio may force you to sell at the wrong time.

Managing Tax

Justifying confidence, ensuring confidentiality

WDS wealth management not only includes managing and protecting clients’ investment assets. We also attempt to be tax efficient in the management of your portfolio.  This means that we seek to lower your current tax bill while respecting your investment objectives.

Attracting the least amount of tax may be accomplished by:

  • Establishing proper registered tax vehicles for your investment assets (i.e. RRSP, RESP, RDSP, TFSA)
  • Optimizing your annual savings among your registered accounts
  • Balancing your retirement savings between spouses for later draw down
  • Comparing after-tax return on investments held inside versus outside registered accounts
  • Holding different asset classes in registered and non-registered accounts
  • Year-end tax loss trading to offset realized capital gains

With the ability to control trading in separately managed accounts, buy and sell actions are taken only when beneficial or necessary for our client.  This translates to lower turnover in your account, thus reducing taxes and transactional costs.

As wealth managers we work to enhance the income, growth and tax-favoured treatment of your long-term investments.