How well an investment portfolio performs is a function of three things:


Participation in the overall market movement


Tactical asset allocation policy of the manager


Variation in specific timing, security selection and fee levels

At WDS, we communicate with you regularly and in a clear and relevant way. WDS wealth managers routinely meet and speak with their clients, keeping them informed of changes that impact their portfolios.

Investment Summary Report
Achieve, measure and communicate

Quarterly our clients receive a clear, meaningful and consolidated picture of how their investment portfolio performed. Annually your actual rate of return (net change in market value, after fees) is shown in both dollars and percentage of return. This complete evaluation is sent by mail (or electronically, upon request). Your WDS Investment Summary Report includes: net cash inflows/outflows; market prices and book values; estimated projected incomes of all securities; investing activity during the period; and commentary on the trend of key economic indicators.

Direct from National Bank Correspondent Network (NCBN), our clients also receive:

  • Monthly portfolio statements and account activity details during period (or quarterly if there is no activity to report).
  • Trade confirmation for the transactions in your account.
  • Annual consolidated tax reporting information.

You may register to view, download or print your account statements, trade confirmations and tax documents from NBCN’s My Portfolio+ portal.


A guide to the big picture

Twice a year, we produce WDS Investment Perspectives, a publication of information, reflections and views about the economic environment, trends and the investment climate.


Tax Reporting

National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN) issues consolidated income tax slips and trading summaries after year end. Clients may select either mail or electronic delivery.

Each year WDS provides additional tax reports to our clients:

  • Account Realized Gain and Loss Report
  • Income Tax Receipt Fees Paid to Investment Counsel
  • Foreign Income Verification Statement, if applicable

WDS’s in-house portfolio management system maintains detailed tax cost records (in tax language adjusted cost base) for our clients’ individual securities. This allows us to regularly monitor the status of unrealized gains (or losses) in our clients’ accounts.

WDS supplies a tax receipt for eligible, tax-deductible management fees paid in the year.

With permission, WDS can exchange tax information directly with your income tax preparer to ensure timely, complete and accurate data.