Almost two years to the day since Derek joined WDS, we’re excited to tell you about our latest addition, Richard Coffin. WDS recognizes that we are in a people business and must attract talent to continue delivering top-notch wealth management services to you. As we grow, we need to add professionals who will both contribute to and blend with the chemistry of the firm. We’re confident that Richard adds a unique set of strengths and vitality to our team.

Richard is a 2017 Level III candidate in the CFA program. Prior to joining WDS, he was a client portfolio trader for MD Financial Management’s discretionary investment management service. His prime responsibility was daily account monitoring, rebalancing, and trading activities for its centralized portfolios. In an earlier account administration role, also at MD, he handled client account transfers. In both roles, he led a number of process efficiency initiatives to improve the calibre of the department’s work.

Richard saw a rare opportunity, in Ottawa’s investment space, to learn the ropes working along side experienced, active portfolio managers like those at WDS. The research and analytical work of an investment analyst provides a framework for making crucial decisions later, such as buying and selling a security, and determining the underlying economic conditions that affect those securities. Richard foresees huge benefits by working his way up the ranks. “WDS portfolio managers are confident in their knowledge of their client and financial conditions,” Richard explains. “So conversations with their clients take on more depth and are properly framed.”

Behind Richard’s fresh face is a clear mandate. “My diligence helps generate investment ideas to produce better client outcomes,” says Richard. Elaborating he explains, “Essential qualities of an investment analyst are the confidence and ability to apply sound judgment to decisions. Without it you get stuck in this void, unable to make a choice.” He concludes, “In investing there are no guarantees, at the end of the day it’s your reasoned views against the market that matters.”

WDS focuses on the long view, particularly as it relates to team member growth. Through strategic acquisition, development and retention of talent we act in our clients’ best interests. WDS remains an entrepreneurial shop with a handful of energetic, highly motivated professionals. Like those around him, Richard is starting his journey to build rapport, respect and confidence with our clients.